OPS School Secretary Message

No education is worth if it does not prepare the children for life. It also fails the test if children do not develop sensitivity towards social needs and responsibilities.

As its Secretary, I am overwhelmed to see the rapid progress the school has made in all spheres of learning. The school has certainty come of age as it is recognized as a centre of quality education and holistic development.

The care taken to impart excellence in all areas of education has certainly impacted our students into being well-groomed, intelligent, sensitive and strong individuals, ready to face any competition and challenge that comes their way

OPS International School continues to lead the way in the field of quality education. It has progressed in the task of imparting education which is not only modern in its approach but also based on the ideals and rich culture of our country.

Education is the process of exposure, exploration, experiment and experience. Our aim is to develop young minds by spreading knowledge and dispelling the darkness within and thus illuminating world outside.

Dr. Atul Pandit
OPS International School, Gajraula