OPS School Director Message

It is my pleasure to provide you with a warm and hearty welcome to OPS International School, Gajraula. At OPS we are deeply committed to providing our students an exemplary education to positively change their lives !

Today’s children are faced with rapidly altering and complex situations. To be competitive and supportive, the students require a profound and comprehensive academic foundation, as well as skills for the digital age and global workplace. Our students are actively engaged in an academically rigorous course of study. In addition, we know that students need to apply their knowledge to diverse problems. Here students are given broad opportunities to develop these skills, and to explore their interests and aptitude as they develop a pathway for their preferred future.

Preparing children for life calls for equipping them with finer values and academic competencies, therefore our students are constantly engaged in activities relating to environmental protection, needs of the elderly, connecting across the boundaries and campaigning against social evils. We are focussed on identifying the unique gifts of each individual and helping to create the best life pathways for them so that they grow into responsive humans and responsible citizens of the world.

Dr. Parag Pandit
OPS International School, Gajraula