OPS Infrastructure

The school offers pollution free and eco-friendly environment located in lush green surroundings. It has well-ventilated classrooms, clean washrooms, filtered drinking water and provides congenial surroundings. The building is earth-quake proof and so designed that it provides spacious vibrant classrooms, an administrative block and an activity hall with provisions for indoor games.


OPS International School has a state of art library. It enables, encourages and empowers teaching and learning for all members of the school community. The role of library is to provide a dynamic and flexible space that is innovatively designed with best practices and research in mind where students can explore and use various resources in different formats. They are encouraged to grow and become passionate learners and individuals where the world of knowledge opens up to them. Different titles on various subjects and available resources offer an amazing variety of learning experiences for all ages as it comes from a variety of sources. We subscribe daily National newspapers, weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly magazines and journals. Although the library is created mainly to serve and support the educational activities of school, it actually functions as 'hub' of all activities in the school.

Chemistry Lab :

Chemistry lab is a must component of all chemistry courses, not only to give experiments their due place in the subject but also to promote in journal & experimental culture in the school. In chemistry lab students are expected to indulged in creative interplay of observations, experimentation & theoretical inferences. Students are trained to use scientific instruments, make observations, interperate and draw conclusion from observed facts.
The advanced and fully furnished chemistry lab is extensively used by students of senior classes. This lab allows the students to conduct experiments, hence the students of chemistry are able to gain hands on experience and adequate exposure and solve specific problems using chemicals. The laboratory is very well equipped with modern facilities which provides a good learning experience. The do-it-yourself learning through trial and error of experiments make learning comprehensive and experimental.

Physics Lab :

Physics is the lens which brings the cosmos into focus. The breath taking advances in communications and information technology have turned the world into a global village. Physics lab is very well equipped and has an arrey of latest apparatus to conduct experiments. This lab offers students a way to learn by doing under the guidance of teachers. The laws of heat, motion, magnetism, electricity, buoyancy are exemplified through various experiments to make the subject meaningful with the bounds of experimential learning.

Biology Lab :

To organise the euriosity, pleasure of discovery, development of psyco-meter skills and intutive learning of the living world, biology lab provides a constructive learning environment focussing on all the biological facts and exception. To faciliatate active and reflective learning, school lab is equipped with all the equipments, heat resistant worktops, simple slides, test tube, petridishes, Bunsan burners, beakers, flasks, microscopes, wide range of flora and fauna, charts and biological models. Rudimentary experiments may enhance the interest and curiosity of young students to know more. Study of slides or specimens kindles a natural curiosity towards the nature and instills a joy of learning flora and fauna. This is a place where our students are given a chance to discover before they are told. : Children have the liberty to make models and projects by availing lab facilities.

Mathmatics Lab :

It aims at creating a sensory learning that ignites student's thoughts and help them explore by engaging with immersive tools and experiences. School provides a space to explore and design new activities and take students beyond the curriculum. It builds interest and confidence in the students towards learning and doing mathematics.

Geography Lab :

A state of art geography lab will be added to existing laboratories which will specialize in the development of quantitative and qualitative skills in students. It will enriches the students in physical, human and nature society geography. Learning of geography involves lot of practical knowledge to provide ample opportunity for the students to observe and learn concepts and facts easily. To accomplish this, school will maintain a well equipped lab with rain gauge, maps, thermometers, barometers, magnetic compass, globe, standard time indicators and models to facilitate the study and enhance the comprehension of students.

Computer lab

The computer lab caters to the need of today's generation and keep students abrest with the latest technology in a well equipped server setup. The lab can accommodate the complete strength of the class. The lab is equipped with LCD Monitors, Laser Printers for making learning innovative and interaction. Also the lab is frequented by the students and teachers for their project work and preparation of upcoming events. The students are individually guided and monitored while working in the lab.

Sports and Play Ground

The school truly believes that for the all round development of the student, it is very important to possess a healthy mind in a healthy body. OPS International School encourages it's students to participate in various sports activities. School provides different indoor and outdoor games and sports. Students are encouraged and their talent is tapped in the right direction to help the potential players outshine at the sports field. The school campus is designed to provide ample space for conducting sports activities. All the facilities in terms of latest sportsware are provided to motivate the students to excel and perform. Sports teacher is available during and post school hours to train the students. The school also conducts camps to expose the students to term building and exciting activities helping them conquer challanges as winners. For the students, the P.T. period is one of the best period they look forward.

Art & Craft Room

With the Intention of encouraging our students in extra curricular activities and to develop their all - round Personalities, there are various CLUBS functioning in our school. "Creativity is the fuel for progress and growth". It's yet another bastion for young student - artists. The Art Room caters to activities like painting, pottery,clay modelling etc. Here students are taught and transformed, as per their forte, under the guidance of Art Teachers, who bolster them to keep the flag of OPS International School, Gajraula fly high among the academics fraternity.