School Admission

OPS International School welcomes students to a whole new experience of learning and discovery. We offer a holistic programme of study through the choice of widely recognized international curricula in the primary and secondary school. The Admission procedure is completely transparent and follows stringent rules meticulously laid-out for the purpose.

Admission Policy

* Application Form duly filled and submitted along with the necessary documentation. Originals will have to be produced for verification.
* Assessment of the Admission Form by the Admissions Office.
* Intimation to the parent regarding the interaction date.
* Information conveyed to the parent about the admission status.
* Fees Payment on or before due date.
* A student is admitted on a provisional basis till all necessary documentation is submitted.
* In case any relevant information has been withheld deliberately, the school will review the admission of the student.
* The fee structure is subject to change at the discretion of the school management.
* The decision of the school authorities regarding admission shall be final and binding.